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Sushi Appetizers[+]
  • Yellowtail Jalapeno 11.95

    Sashimi style yellowtail with jalapeno sauce 

  • T.N.T 9.95

    Spicy crab wrap with fresh tuna in ponzu sauce 

  • Kimchi Tuna Tartar 9.95

    Fresh big eye tuna kimchi salsa nori tempura & anchovies aioli 

  • Summer Roll 7.95

    Shrimp, cucumber, avocado, asparagus, spring mixed mango rolled in rice paper with peanut sauce 

  • Sushi Appetizers 9.95

    Chef choice 5 pcs best sushi of the day 

  • Sashimi Appetizer 10.95

    Chef choice 6 pcs best sashimi of the day 

  • Fancy White Fish Tempura 8.95

    Fried white fish in tempura battered top with masago, scallion and wasabi, spicy mayo & eel sauce. 

  • Mind Eraser (5 pcs) 13.95

    Salmon, tuna, white tuna, spicy lobster, cucumber and avocado, top w. blue crab, Japanese dressing 

  • Sushi Pizza (Salmon, Tuna or Yellowtail) 9.95

    Guacamole seaweed salad scallion's mango, on Japanese pancake 

  • Tuna Dumpling 9.95

    Fresh guacamole wrap in thin tuna and black tobiko, served with eel sauce and wasabi mayo 

  • Steeler Stadiums 10.95

    Comes with three layers, first layer Korean sashimi, second layer guacamole, third layer spicy tuna, topped with crunch, eel sauce and wasabi mayo 

  • Spring Futo 11.95

    Spicy blue crab & Japanese bean sprout wrap in salmon and white fish, top with black tobiko & ponzu sauce 

  • Phoenix Roll (No Rice) 9.95

    Spicy tuna wrapped w. thinly slice of avocado, served w. ponzu sauce 

  • Naruto Roll (No Rice) 14.95

    Tuna, salmon, yellowtail, crab, avocado and asparagus wrapped in cucumber 

  • Scream Salmon (6 pcs) 9.95

    Salmon, avocado, deep fried, mango salsa, eel, spicy mayo