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Kitchen Appetizer[+]
  • Edamame 4.50

    Steamed Japanese soybean pods, lightly salted 

  • spicy Rock Shrimp Tempura 8.95

    Bite size pieces of rock shrimp, lightly flash fried, finished by tossing in a spicy aioli 

  • Spring Rolls 5.95

    4 vegetarian egg rolls, wrapped in rice paper and lightly flash fried 

  • spicy Szechuan Dumplings (6) 7.95

    Lightly steamed dumplings filled with a pork and shrimp combination. Topped with Chinese chili oil and crushed peanut 

  • Thai Lettuce Wraps 7.95

    Wok seared Thai basil diced chicken & vegetables with hoisin Sauce 

  • Chicken Satay 7.95

    4 pcs marinated chicken skewer with peanut dip & picked cucumber 

  • Crispy Calamari 8.95

    Tossed in a seven spice batter, flash fried, served with a side of our home made mango salsa 

  • Pork or Vegetable Gyoza (6) 5.95

    Lightly pan seared to golden perfection, served with a basil soy vinegar sauce 

  • Age Tofu 5.95

    Batter fried Japanese tofu with tempura sauce 

  • Tempura App (Vegetable, Chicken or Shrimp) 7.95

    Batter fried & tempura sauce 

  • Crab Rangoon 5.95

    Crabmeat celery onion and cream cheese wrap in wonton sheet serve with sweet & sour sauce 

  • Takoyaki Balls (6 pcs) 7.95

    Breaded octopus season w. takoyaki sauce and bonito